WD-40 fullsyntetisk kjedesmøring (400ml)

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WD-40 fullsyntetisk kjedesmøring (400ml)

Product Description:

Chain Lube is a high-performance power spray lubricant for use exclusively on chain-driven vehicles. Formulated with heavy-duty anti-wear and extreme-pressure additives that provide superior lubrication for all chains. Chain Lube reduces chain stretch and chain wear. By reducing friction, Chain Lube increases horsepower to the rear wheel and reduces chain “noise.” The synthetic base repels moisture and protects chains from rust and corrosion. Chain Lube penetrates deep into rollers and between link plates. Chain Lube sets to prevent “fling-off,” avoids attraction of dirt, and will not melt under severe use. Chain Lube will not harm rubber, plastic, nylon or paint. For street, off-road and all racing applications!

Product Features:

  • Increases horsepower
  • Recommended for all O-ring chains
  • For street, off-road and all racing applications

Product Video:


Before use, clean chain first with WD-40® Specialist®Motorcycle Chain Cleaner to remove dirt, oil and grime. Shake can well and apply to the full length of the inside of the chain, allowing the product to run vertically down into the chain parts. Leave to dry.




0,4 liter (400ml)

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